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Contoh teks pidato 2 (Global Techology)

Title : Nuclear as The Solution of Power Crisis
Theme : Global Technology

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb and Good morning.
Your excellency adjudicators, to respectable all the committee of this program, to the teacher from all Senior High Schools in Palu, and all the audience here, ladies and gentlemen

First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to come here, to attend The Science Speech Contest
Secondly, may peace be upon our prophet, Muhammad SAW, who has guided us into the right ways of life.

I thank for the greatest opportunity that has been given to me. In this chance, I would like to tell you my speech entitled “Nuclear as The Solution of Power Crisis”

Ladies and Gentlemen
Nowdays all of us lives in global era, some of our activities helped by technology, and almost all technology needs electricity. Cause of that, we need more electricity in daily life. Therefore we can’t deny that we can live without electricity. However electricity is not the renewable things.  As we know power plant that we apply right now  uses the fossil fuel, while the fossil fuel is not the renewable things anymore. This case is the main reason why the power crisis happen.

By looking at this case, society need a thing to solve the problem of this power crisis. Day by days fossil fuel is not suitable anymore to be used in our country. We need something new, the new fuel that is more efficient than the fossil fuel.

Right now experts have been able to use nuclear technology for fuel. This renewable energy is very effective and productive. Beside that nuclear is one of the eco friendly energy if we use it as the fuel power plants. And I believe that nuclear energy is the best solution of this case of power crisis.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Nuclear energy also has a huge benefits for the society.  If we compare to the using of fossil fuel than nuclear fuel, nuclear fuel is better. Because the using of this nuclear fuel is very economical and doesn’t create any pollution while fossil fuel is very extravagant and produce pollution.

Beside the using of nuclear energy as the solution of power crisis, nuclear energy is more environmentally friendly because nuclear energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions. So, by using nuclear energy we could slightly avoided by the global warming effect  and it will create a healty environment. The other benefit is nuclear energy doesn’t pollute the air, because nuclear doesn’t produce any harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and others.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Half kilogram of uranium that has been purified  could produce energy which is equivalent to tens of millions of liters of diesel. This thing is very influential to the cost of electricity for consument. Beside that, the stock of this fuel is available for the long period. I do believe this is proper to be applied in indonesia, by considering with our Nation budget and the indonesia’s society income.

However besides all the good benefit, nuclear also has its own consequence. If any mistakes happened in nuclear reactor, it will harmfull for the society and also environment. Because of that, safety issues is the most important thing in the using of nuclear energy. The security of nuclear reactor also should use the good system that is “defence in depth” By using this secure system we can minimize the bad consequence of the using of nuclear.

Over all, i do believe that nuclear is the best solution to solve our power crisis and very proper way to be applied in indonesia as long as we keep the security with the very safety system.  And i believe that nuclear energy is the solution to fulfill what society need right now.

I think that’s all for my speech. Let’s stand with me to solve the power crisis together by using nuclear energy

Name  : Nadhia Maharany
Theme : Global Technology

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  1. wa'alaikumsalam warrohmatullohi wabarokatuh,
    wah jago sekali bikin teks pidato dalam bahasa inggris lagi. Saya nggak bisa komentar banyak, soale nggak ngerti bahasa inggris #plakkk

  2. Hhee. saya juga ndak jago2 amat. Salam kenal yg bang

  3. this is great idea as the solution of our energy now, but i think to do this, indonesian goverment system must be fixed in other that the bad impact can be minimized.. :D salam kenal dari Gumanta-info

    1. of course :) salam kenal juga dari saya yaa

  4. Really very informative post.I am totally impressed and You break it down nicely.

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